The I’s:

I’m a mid-30′s freelance designer and community manager. I Geek out…alot. (I also purposely use alot instead of a lot because I believe it’s a current, valid word in today’s American culture.)

I have a full-time day job, which gives me the security to pursue or accept clients as my passion and the current climate demand.

I champion non-wealthy eccentric and epicurean lifestyles, and strongly challenge the ideal that only those with vast resources are worthy of attention and credibility.

I LOVE motorsports. From NASCAR, to MotoGP, to the WRC, to SuperGT…and almost everything in-between.

The We’s:

We can be great friends. I’m always looking to share parts of myself, so those around me get to know me better. In turn, I want to get to know you better

We should totally start/grow a community around your passion. We’ll start with a Web presence, and should you be interested, use that to incorporate in-person activities as well.

We should go bowling sometime. It’s a near perfect way to hang out with a few, or many friends. Because bowling involves a 50/50 split of sitting and moving around (and can include grown-up beverages,) it’s great for brainstorming and other constructive meets. But, I’m pretty good, so I’ll probably beat you. :-)

We should keep in touch. Maybe right now isn’t the time to start your community, or even the time to begin a new friendship. That’s ok, life flows in waves and sometimes managing the people and activities you already have is plenty. When you want to talk, about whatever, I’ll be here. Benny@…